"How do we define passion?" We define it by living it, let us show you..

Our Team

Creating a team of handpicked, top notch, passionate, and professional artists is an onerous challenge. 

Therefore, feeding on challenges, we have allocated months of our business time for undisturbed camping in our office to go through hundreds of candidates, research, and interviews, to make sure we shake hands only with those who are not only number one in their profession, but can maintain being number one in the game, those who share our same hunger for excellence and sheer commitment to results that exceed our and your expectations. We are a team that combines the calculated wisdom of mature expertise, and the fresh lively eyes of young creative minds.

Our motto is: ‘The second thing higher than our standards is our mediocrity intolerance.’

Our Goals

‘Without having a clear goal, a business would collapse faster than a house of cards.’

Client-oriented goal: The daily, calculated, and careful steps for your business/product to not only bloom, but conquer. The daily, calculated, and careful study of your business and all the entrance doors to doubling your profit, slaying the competition, and dominating your field.

Personal goal: Pre-eminence. 
Our goal is simple, we want to flip the virtual reality market upside down, change the game, and create a Nexturn in the highway of creativity. 

Our Values

There’s no gray area when it comes to dealing fair and square. Your trust is one thing we will never risk losing, your trust is the fuel for our turbocharged progress. 

We deliver. By delivering, we don’t mean just getting the job done, we mean impeccable respect for deadlines, asking questions to stir things up, proposing different approaches, and no sleeping-no eating course until we accomplish outstanding results!
The extra mile is for amateurs, the first step in our road starts with mile 100. 

If you’ve been long enough in the virtual reality business, it comes with no surprise that Janus-faced, placebo artists, and copy-and-paste-mentality have crossed your path from time to time. 
At Nexturn, we have taken the pledge of carving our own paths, thinking our own thoughts, and getting outside of our own boxes. Any new comer undergoes a screening process where the leads of his ideas are monitored and evaluated. We will never take any chances with this, it’s our reputation before yours, and we intend to keep it clean, the cleanest. 

The creative ones

Since us as a team will be full-time representatives for your identity, what you stand for, and the miles you’re willing to go for your business, we deeply understand the importance of having the finest minds, the best capabilities to take that role, and the amount of trust you need to have in us to hand it to us.

We understand that your business, like a masterpiece, needs the finishing touches, the final strokes to be ready for the public eye. 
Therefore, after consecutive months of setting our standards, meeting hundreds of candidates, and researching the best creative minds in the market, we have handpicked the first-class artists and fire-passionate workaholics to join our team. 
Good businesses invest in quality strategies and plans; great ones invest in quality people.

At Nexturn, we leave nothing to chance. At Nexturn, we control coincidence. 

What we do

We are not here to tell you that fairytales come true, we are here as a living proof of it.  


Every deal we sell, is a client we buy.  We approach our clients the way they approach their businesses, like a second home, where we unconditionally invest all our resources, efforts, sweat, and dreams into. We are the game-changers, time-stoppers, audience-shockers, and trust- officials. Our history record of clients is not only an indicator of undeniable success and client satisfaction, but also of an unfathomable will to dominate the market, to leave a fingerprint in the minds of outsiders, and create a next turn. At Nexturn, the first handshake is the first step towards a long lived journey of mind-blowing series of staggering achievements.


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