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Corporate Videos

‘The first question will always be, do you know your audience?’

People digest information differently, some are visual learners, some are listeners, and some are readers. Therefore, in today’s world, being content with good content on your website would exclude a terrifying number of your fan base by only responding to the read-write learners. The Internet is a web because it spreads, fast, so should your product/business.

At Nexturn, we study your audience, their data, statistics, and current engagement, then assess the approach of the video. Based on personal experience and research, people respond to certain learning strategies than others, all our corporate videos show without telling, it has and continues to work like charm for us.


Having the advertising sharks in our team, we know exactly what you need.

TV advertising is a business that separates the men from the boys, it’s based on audience analysis and invoking an emotional reaction, it’s a game of control, and that’s why it’s our game.

At Nexturn, after conducting intensive meetings and bombarding you with questions about what your goals, visions, and expectations, we come back with the fruit of the minds of our brilliant team illustrated and open for discussion. TVCs are a long and challenging process that gives our team double the pleasure when we find its skeleton key.

TV shows

Having our own built-in studio, we have a specialized team for every detail that crosses your mind when it comes to making winning and game changing TV shows.

At Nexturn, our team is equipped with the amount of experience necessary to understand the ins and outs of what makes a show that has the best


At Nexturn, we have an animation world, built out of animation creators and lovers, whatever you want animated, they already are in a different dimension training their vigorous minds in mental gymnastics to see the world differently and be on top of things.

Web Videos

With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.

So the sooner you make your web-video, the sooner your presence in the market increases.

Your business is a masterpiece; we do the best finishes so that you get what you really wish for.

Never risk it with any team but a team of pros. 

360 videos

What’s more important than capturing a beautiful moment?

Unfortunately, we can neither see in 360 degrees nor have the flexible heads of owls, but luckily this has been resolved, so we can have a bird’s-eye view on all 360 degrees.

At Nexturn, we’ve got your back! By creating 360 videos that capture all 360 degrees of a scene, viewers can rotate the video to watch it from all different angels, giving them an experience they’ll never find elsewhere.


Making a documentary is boundless, there’s no limit to what documentaries can offer, and that’s what makes them absolutely fun to make!

At Nexturn, your documentary will be made with a professional team who is passionate about reality and tackling it from ways you never thought possible.

Virtual Reality

Why watch it when you can actually live it? Virtual reality or immersive multimedia videos are the new way of allowing humans to see the world.

Virtual reality in simple terms is the artificial environment made with a software to make-believe people that it’s real.

At Nexturn, virtual reality can be used either in games or interactive stories by creating an imagined environment, or the simulation of a real environment for education purposes.

Video Clips

The video clip mindset is a psychological one, to know what makes people tick, what makes them relate to a service/product in order to share, like, comment and create the perfect kind of engagement, the exact engagement you want.

At Nexturn, we produce our own videos, any kind of video you want, or even a vlog which is a video blog. It’s all in our built-in studio instead of risking to deal with a foreign company with results we don’t trust, or the work of amateurs that is in a poor quality and a shaky camera like a kid filming on a trampoline. We know what we do and we love doing it.


The casting process is our best piece of cake, and we don’t say that lightly, but rather from a place of being armed with first-class producers, directors, and choreographers who are ruthless in their judgments so you can never worry about the quality of people being chosen. All auditions are videotaped, attached with resumes, and headshots.
At Nexturn, we can’t accept less than the best because we have teams of the best people in the market with standards as high as your expectations.

VO talents

In interpersonal communication, voice is 38% of any message conveyed.
The right voice can change the entire message delivered. Picking the appropriate voice over talent for your video is a job we excel at!

At Nexturn, we have an unlimited amount of talents who, with their magical chords, will hypnotize your consumers and leave them assured, confident, and secure in what you


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