Post Production Services


‘The last touches on a painting are what separate an artist from an amateur.’

At Nexturn, our post-production services include:

-Editing: The visual art. Our video editors have eagle eyes, their attention to detail is a blessing and a curse for them because they never leave until they’re 500% satisfied.

-Coloring:  The painters. Our coloring artists are maestros of the palette. Their sense of coordination and color compatibility is not just a job; it’s their actual lifestyles. Whether you need coloring for stage lighting, cinematography, photography, television, or other areas, they’ll be waiting with their paint brushes, coloring the borders of the world.

Graphics/VFX: The gamers. The creators of alternate realities out of thin are. Our graphics specialists are visionaries, they hear the story and make it happen out of thin air. Their dedication to their work is an aspect you will never see again in your entire life.

-Sound editing and mixing: The pearl-eared artists at Nexturn will spend endless hours, days, and months on altering and manipulating the length, volume, speed of the audio. The splicers and tapers have a sixth sense; they hear what the wishes you don’t say, and make them come true.


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