A  Pre-Production Services


‘Production is like a wedding; you’d better look your best. Otherwise, it’s all on tape.’

At Nexturn, we save you from the hassle of little scattered details by being incredibly organized.

Our pre-production includes:

Budget and scheduling: By setting a planned and detailed budget, you know where your    

Hard-earned money is going.

The creative: The ideation. The most important and first part of any project is coming up with the revolutionary idea that will glue your audience to their screens and make their jaws drop. At Nexturn, we know the difference between a good, great, and best idea, we have seen the difference it has made and its power to either make or break you. We pride ourselves in staying on top of every new and old buzz in the market so we can always be ten steps ahead.

Location scouting: The treasure hunt for the perfect location is our morning cardio! We are certain of our abilities to find locations on the map your eyes have never seen before.

Storyboarding: The first eye candy. Our illustrators are beauty addicts; they can imagine gray ideas in rainbow colors. Their skills and hard work are the secret to success everyone is looking for.


 P.O.Box: 85642, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, info@nexturn.me  

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